Fascination About affiliate marketing

How would you like for me to show you how to place ads for free and make up to$500 a day? Literally copying and pasting ads on to sites that you don't even have to pay to put your ads up. I'm going to show you three sites you can copy-paste on. This is a method that is free to do. It's worldwide. Works anywhere no matter where you are in the world and you can do it any age, okay? Even if you're 3 years old. Get your kid on this. Get your five-year-old on this making you money. I'm going to go over everything right here on my computer while eating beef jerky. Let's get it. Okay, let's check out this method to literally copy paste ads to make money. This has been a highly requested video. I'm going to show you step by step how you do this. Okay. So first off, you don't want to run a business where you have to actually like buy products and like ship them out to people, okay? So, you don't want to do that then you have to provide customers support,you have to have an address a business all this crazy stuff. Fees, warehousing,etc. So, let's forget about e-commerce or drop shipping or any of that stuff. Doesn't work. Way too expensive. Next, you don't want to have to fulfill the product. You don't want to have to do any work for it. What we want to do. . . This is an easy way to make money is just post links. And the post links, you need to do what I do for a living which is called affiliate marketing. I make almost a million dollars a month in my business. 6 figures a month, profit. So I'm going to show you how you can do this. Now, the first step is you need to sign up for an affiliate network. You know one of the affiliate networks. I recommend is Clickbank. This is the network we're gonna be discussing here. And what we're going to be promoting is an online education product. And what you'll do is you'll go right over here, okay? To where it says "create an account. " and you will sign up, okay? So, ClickBank. com. You can type it into Google, do whatever you want. Now, if you are a friend of mine from Nigeria, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe affiliate marketing orZambia or one of these countries. Now, you can sign up for this affiliate network. There is a link in the description. It's for digi store, okay? Digistore24,com. And this site will accept affiliates from any country in the world, okay? So, any country in the world, doesn't matter. And you can sign up here,you know they have a sign up form. You can sign up as an affiliate marketer here. It's free to sign up and you can start getting paid. You can access their thing. Now, after you sign up for one of these networks or sign up for Clickbank is the main one we're going to be discussing. You can go into their marketplace right here and you can click the marketplace and search for my last name because the product we're going to be selling is actually my products. One of the top selling products in the world of affiliate marketing. And you will go right here. See, there's my product. You type in my name. See that? And I'll show it to you once again. After you click, you click the market place. You click that. You search my name, Crestani, okay? Click the search button. And the page you want to go to is the affiliate page or what is also known as the JV page right here. Boom. Okay. So, now you're on the affiliate page. And this explains about the product you'll be selling. Now, every time you post a link and somebody buys from the link you post. And I'm going to show you how to put the targeted links up in a second. You will earn the amount of money right here, okay? $463. You will also be receiving an additional recurring revenue of$262 on average. So, you can receive recurring income that comes over months. So. . . And you can receive additional money. And this helps you actually create a stable income which is really exciting. So right there,you can get started with. So, just leave this page up. This is where you will get some of your ads from. Explains about my training course. Again, if you want to take my training course. Links are also in the description. It's a 6-week course. But what we're going to be focused on is selling it and making money. So, you have Clickbank and me pay you money. Now, the type of ads we're going to be posting are called classified ads. And there are a lot of online newspapers and classified sites where people look for anything. From local services, to plumbers, to the news, to other sorts of things that people look for. And we're going to post our ad on there we can post it for free. Exclusive discount to the John Crestani 6 week Affiliate Training program click here! http://bit.ly/2Ugv9De

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